Hookah Tips and Tricks

How to Hookah

Setup Your Hookah

Hookah Pipe Assembly

There are five primary parts to a hookah pipe:
1. The Base
2. The Pipe
3. The Tray
4. The Bowl
5. The Hose

The base of the hookah must first be filled with water. The water should be filled to a level so that when the pipe is inserted into the base the end of the stem sits about 3/4 of an inch to 1 and 1/4 of an inch below the water level. There must also be ample space between the top of the water and the top of the base to allow for enough airflow while smoking.

Ice may be added to the inside of the base to help chill the smoke as it passes through the water. Many shisha smokers use ice regularly in their hookah setups. Some hookah smokers even use milk or other beverages which add flavor or cause the draw to be smoother. Once the base is filled, place the included rubber gromit around the bottom of the pipe so that it may fit snugly into the base, then insert the pipe into the base. After the shisha pipe has been inserted into the base and the water level has been checked insert the hose into the pipe at the middle where there is an opening for the hose. Your shisha pipe may have come with a little rubber piece to place between the hose and the metal of the pipe itself. If your setup did not come with a rubber grommet you may wish to place a small piece of papertowl between the end of the hose and the pipe. This will help keep the seal more air tight.

Once this has been completed place the tray onto the top of the pipe it just sits there to catch ash and coals.

Your hookah is now setup and ready to test. Test the airflow of the hookah by inhaling through the hose. It should be relatively easy to inhale and bubbles should form in the base of the hookah as you breath in. If bubbles do not form then you need to add more water to your the base of your hookah.

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