Frequently Asked Questions

How late do you deliver supplies?
We deliver supplies from 12PM to 4AM because we know that no one else is open that late we want you to still be able to get your hookah on.
Can I select the flavors of tobacco you bring to cater my event with?
Of course. Depending on the package you select you could get anywhere from 8 to 20 flavors to have available for your guests to choose from at your event.
Do you actually serve the hookahs or just drop them off?
We are a full service catering provider. We will not just drop off hookah pipes and supplies at your house. We bring everything. We set everything up. Our professional hookah servers will take orders, mix, pack, and serve your guests hookahs, and tend the charcoals.
Will you cater indoors?
Unfortunately we will not. Due to the nature of hot coals we cannot allow our hookahs to be served in your home.